Chicken wings

The main section of this site, THE reason why you decided to visit this site …hungry? starving for delicious chicken wings? This is your page! Discover our chicken wings recipes from all over the world! Buffalo chicken wings, barbecue chicken wings, asian style chicken wings …grilled in the oven, fried… Discover now all our chicken wings recipes and do not hesitate to send us your recipes in you want us to publish it!

Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Coca cola chicken wings

Have you ever tried to cook with your favorite soft drink? Cooking chicken wings with coca cola may sound unusual and pretty weird but the result is actually quite surprising and tasty! Slightly sweet and just a little bit spicy, this is the perfect mix. This coca cola chicken wings does not require a lot of active time cooking and is just perfect for a big party with your friends. See the full recipe below! Dare to cook with your favorite soft drink! See this recipe

Spicy orange glazed chicken wings

Spicy Orange Chicken Wings

At first this spicy orange chicken wings recipe may seem a bit daring but it is really worth to try it. The result is sweet, spicy and a bit bitter at the same time. The texture is great thanks to the oven fried wings and the chinese orange sauce will pleased everyone who loves asian flavors. As most of the chicken wings recipes, this one is also very simple to do. If you do not have the time to fry your chicken in the oven, just do it in the deep fryer, it will be a bit less heathy but you… See this recipe

Sesame Chicken Wings

Sesame Chicken Wings

  This sesame chicken wings will send you directly to Asia. Salty, sweet and slightly crunchy those chicken wings are a real delight. You will need to prepare the marinade a bit in advance but once this is done you will not spend a lot of time in the kitchen which  makes this recipe perfect for parties with your friends and family! See full sesame chicken wings recipe below! Sweet and salty Asian chicken wings See this recipe

Barbecue chicken wings

Barbecue chicken wings

One of the most emblematic chicken wings recipe : the barbecue chicken wings ! For this recipe we have used a homemade bourbon barbecue sauce that will give your chicken wings a shiny and sticky texture that everybody will love! Those chicken wings are perfect for a large party. See full barbecue chicken wings below. The famous chicken wings with a homemade barbecue sauce. See this recipe

Super Crunchy Fried Chicken Wings

Super crunchy fried chicken wings

Everybody loves crunchy chicken wings and for sure this recipe will not disappoint you !! Those fried chicken wings are very easy to make and you will get a crust that is so crunchy, so tasteful …so yummy !! This chicken wings recipe is perfect if you like slightly spicy food but you can just omit the cayenne pepper and it will be the perfect recipe for the entire family. See full super crunchy fried chicken wings recipe below! Tasteful crunchy fried wings See this recipe

Spicy Garlic and Parmesan Chicken Wings

Spicy garlic and parmesan chicken wings

You will love this garlic and parmesan chicken wings recipe. Those wings are so tasty! The garlic and parmesan mix is just incredible. And what is even more incredible is that you will get super crunchy chicken wings without using the fryer which is a very good point if you are on a healthy diet! Serve those wings with the Italian style dip. See the full spicy garlic and parmesan chicken wings recipe below! Very crunchy wings cooked in the oven! See this recipe

Satay Chicken Wings

Satay chicken wings

If you like Asian flavors you will love this satay chicken wings recipe. When preparing the marinade, your mind will travel thousands of kilometers and the hardest part will be to wait few hours before you can eat those delicious wings! The marinade includes peanut butter and you can find a great homemade peanut butter recipe on this site. Start cooking your satay chicken wings now, see full recipe below! Chicken wings marinated in satay sauce See this recipe

Blue Cheese Chicken Wings

Grilled Blue Cheese Chicken Wings

You are probaly used to eat your chicken wings with a blue cheese sauce on the side. In this recipe the chicken wings are actually grilled with the blue cheese sauce topping them! Those blue cheese chicken wings are very yummy and will for sure surprise all your family & friends, so do not hesitate to give it a try ! See full blue cheese chicken wings recipe below! Original grilled chicken wings See this recipe

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wings

These are the KING of all chicken wings! Perfect for parties and of course, can you imagine watching the Super Bowl without eating buffalo chicken wings ??!! And moreover, they are super easy to make so you have no excuse See full buffalo chicken wings recipe below! Traditional spicy chicken wings recipe. See this recipe