Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Coca cola chicken wings

Have you ever tried to cook with your favorite soft drink? Cooking chicken wings with coca cola may sound unusual and pretty weird but the result is actually quite surprising and tasty! Slightly sweet and just a little bit spicy, this is the perfect mix. This coca cola chicken wings does not require a lot of active time cooking and is just perfect for a big party with your friends. See the full recipe below! See this recipe

Spicy orange glazed chicken wings

Spicy Orange Chicken Wings

At first this spicy orange chicken wings recipe may seem a bit daring but it is really worth to try it. The result is sweet, spicy and a bit bitter at the same time. The texture is great thanks to the oven fried wings and the chinese orange sauce will pleased everyone who loves asian flavors. As most of the chicken wings recipes, this one is also very simple to do. If you do not have the time to fry your chicken in the oven, just do it in the deep fryer, it will be a bit less heathy but you … See this recipe

Coconut & Lime Roasted Chicken

coconut and lemon roasted chicken

If you are looking for a new roasted chiken recipe than you should try this coconut and lime chicken. The lime and coconut milk combine perfectly and bring a fresh and at the same time sweet twist to this dish. This is a complete dish as you will be adding some potatoes to the roasting pan. Have a look at the complete coconut and lime roasted chicken recipe below! See this recipe

Moroccan Lemon & Olives Chicken

Maroccan Lemon & Olives Chicken

This lemon & olives chicken recipe is an adaptation of a delicious Moroccan tagine. You can find the preserved lemon in specialized shops or you can even prepare it yourself. There are tons of preserved lemon recipes on the internet, don’t be shy  and give it a try, it is quite easy  to make. This chicken recipe is quick to cook and if you like Moroccan dishes, it will quickly become one of your favorite. See full Moroccan lemon and olives chicken recipe below.   See this recipe

Barbecue chicken wings

Barbecue chicken wings

One of the most emblematic chicken wings recipe : the barbecue chicken wings ! For this recipe we have used a homemade bourbon barbecue sauce that will give your chicken wings a shiny and sticky texture that everybody will love! Those chicken wings are perfect for a large party. See full barbecue chicken wings below.   See this recipe

Super Crunchy Fried Chicken Wings

Super crunchy fried chicken wings

Everybody loves crunchy chicken wings and for sure this recipe will not disappoint you !! Those fried chicken wings are very easy to make and you will get a crust that is so crunchy, so tasteful …so yummy !! This chicken wings recipe is perfect if you like slightly spicy food but you can just omit the cayenne pepper and it will be the perfect recipe for the entire family. See full super crunchy fried chicken wings recipe below! See this recipe

Chinese Lemon Chicken

Chinese Lemon Chicken Recipe

This lemon chicken recipe is a traditional chinese restaurant recipe. If you like the mix of sweet, salty and sour, you will be delighted with this dish. You will be surprised how easy the recipe is and once you will have tasted this homemade version, it will become for sure one of the familiy’s favorite chicken recipe. It’s now time to cook, so check out the full chinese lemon chicken recipe below! See this recipe

Mango Chicken Curry

Mango Chicken Curry Recipe

Once again cooking will make you travel thousands of miles away. If you are a mango lover, you have no choice but try this mango chicken curry recipe. The sweetness of the mango just goes perfectly with the coconut milk and contrasts with the saltiness of the chicken and the heat of the spices. This exotic mango dish is really surprising and you should really give it a try! See full mango chicken curry recipe below See this recipe

Cilantro Chicken

Cilantro Chicken Recipe

If you like the mix of sweet and salty, you will just love this cilandro chicken recipe. The honey gives the perfect sweetness and the lime, ginger and coriander bring this irresistible Asian twist. Your guests will never believe that you just spent few minutes to prepare this delicious chicken recipe. See full cilantro chicken recipe below   See this recipe

Chicken Basquaise

Chicken Basquaise recipe

Chicken basquaise is a French recipe from the basque country in the south west of France. It is also called Piperade.  Originally this recipe was made with just bread and vegetables and then people started to add some chicken (or tuna in some part of the Basque country) As always try to choose fresh and good quality ingredients. Better use fresh riped tomatoes and a good free range chicken. See full chicken basquaise recipe below!   See this recipe